Niraj Chauhan

Niraj Chauhan


Exploring New Frontiers with AI and Chatbot Development

Artifical intelligence

The landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen significant shifts and advancements with the release of transformative tools like ChatGPT. From Twitter to Reddit, discussions about AI, its applications, and varying perspectives on its implications are growing quickly. Read More »

NestJS fetch secrets from AWS Secrets Manager


Often, applications use environmental variables to store secrets or values that vary depending on the system where the application runs. These values are typically not checked into the git repositories, and you may need to set them at runtime. Read More »

Streamlining Infrastructure Management with AWS CDK and ECS Fargate


Last year, I joined Travelopia to lead the WebApp development teams. My early days were focused on meeting the product tech team and learning about the technology solutions they were using in their projects. Read More »

The Future of Data Fetching in React


React has recently announced the development of a new hook that will provide first-class support for Promises. Read More »

🚦 Avoid using enums in Typescript


If you are coming to the typescript world from Java or from any other typesafe languages, then often your choice might be Enums for structuring something like loglevels, status, etc. Read More »

Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven Design, is an approach to designing a software system by getting direct inputs from the domain experts and modeling the software accordingly. These domain experts can be the product owners or someone who is close to the product and understands the need of the market/end-users Read More »

My WFH desk setup

My Desk Setup

Since the pandemic began, most of us started working from home. Some people like it and some people miss their offices. But for me, the most amazing part of WFH is the desk setup. Have always seen YouTubers having this but I never got this opportunity until now. Read More »

Who is a Tech lead?


Generally, every company will have roles for understanding seniority in the team, these roles can start from Junior Developer to all the way till Principal/Senior Developer. The term might vary from company to company but the idea is the same. The team will be composed of a set of developers with different expertise & experience. And it’s very important to have a SPOC(Single point of contact) for the engineering team to function. These anchor roles are generally called Tech Leads. Read More »

One piece 23rd anniversary

Luffy figurine

One piece is officially 23 years old now and I thought of creating a small CSS card of Luffy. Read More »

CSS: What's the difference between px, em & rem?

Most of us grew up using px CSS unit. This code should be familiar to you width: 100px;. But in the past few years, I saw other units getting added to the CSS specs. So let’s understand each of them. Read More »

Difference between Map & Flatmap | RXJava

RXJava can be very intimidating at first go. Reactive Extensions - RX is all about data streams & handling them and three important pillars for it are Observables, Operators & Schedulers. Read More »

Reactive programming with RXJava

There is a huge buzz in the market for “Reactive Programming”, but the very first question comes in our mid is what is reactive programming? Why we need reactive programming? What is RX? Read More »

Java Vert.x MongoDB Client with Guice

Vert.x is an event-driven non-blocking library. It’s not a framework, so you get power to write code in your way. Vert.x is similar to NodeJS. It helps you to achieve concurrency with minimal hardware. Read More »

Javascript Naming Conventions

Many times we face situations in projects for naming our files, variables or classes. Here is the convention I am sharing which I follow in my projects of Javascript. Read More »

[] == [] is false, why? | JavaScript

I love javascript and its mystery, if you had to compare a set of two identical arrays the first thing in your mind would come is to compare using == operator. But in javascript the result will be different. Read More »

Stop wordpress asking FTP details

If you are on linux system and fed up with Wordpress asking FTP details on every install/update of plugin/theme?? Read More »

Get your website visitors device battery status

Recently I added a functionality in one my clients website to notify user about battery status if they are running low on it. Read More »

Javascript Mixin

In simple words reusing object between different classes. You can also take it as an Interface with implemented methods. Read More »

Ubuntu convert images to pdf

Add your multiple images into a single pdf by following command #pdf #ubuntu Read More »