Niraj Chauhan

Niraj Chauhan

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About me

Niraj Chauhan

Hello and Welcome to my humble blog. I am Niraj Chauhan, I stay in "Namma Bengaluru", India(🇮🇳), but I am originally from "aamchi" Mumbai.

By profession I am a Software Craftsman and been into this industry for last 13 years. I am a big time foodie, I love to try all different kind of food. Few of my favourite dishes are Missal Pav , Pav bhaji , Butter chicken , Mutton kheema & Biryani .

My hobbies

I love reading Japanese mangas & watching animes, the most favourite of mine is OnePiece. I also like collecting anime character figurines, here is my collection so far:

Anime collection

I love playing console games. Currently, I have Nintendo Switch & Xbox Series S . Sometimes, I do play Guitar, a very basic though

I do like playing Football, Cricket & going for a long cycling ride. I am into Progressive rock music a lot. Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple thief, Lunatic soul, etc are a few of my favourites.

My family

My family is a picture of happiness and love. We are blessed to have each other. On weekends, we do things together like watching movie, going for shopping or just spend time at home watching Netflix.

We at Amsterdam Yuvein playing in park Navratri night Yuveins second birthday Airport waiting

Yuvein, he is currently 4 years old and my lovely wife Binisha who is also a shopping freak. Our mornings are quite interesting as Yuvein needs a lot of pampering so that he can wake up and go to his school.


Currently, I am working at Travelopia as Head of Web App Development. I am a Software Craftsman and like to deliver projects at the highest standards by applying best agile practices. TDD, KISS, YAGNI & other practices are my default traits.

Working with NodeJS(Javascript & Typescript), Kotlin, Java, Spring, ReactJS, NestJS, NextJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Html, SCSS, CSS, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS & Azure makes me a versatile consultant. I also like to give tech talks on best coding practices, frontend, architecture, new libraries or languages, etc