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Never buy anything from Snapdeal

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It was a typical weekday and I was getting ready for my daily office schedule, when I realized that I needed to get a new belt. So I went online and started looking for one. After browsing for sometime, I finally ended up finding the perfect one for me on

Day 1 - β€œ6 Sept 2016 πŸ˜€β€

I placed my order and made an online payment. Easy right?

I knew that it would take 4-6 days to get the item delivered and there began my test of patience because clearly there was something else in store for me.

Day 5 - 10 Sept 2016 πŸ™‚

I received an SMS from Snapdeal saying that a delivery attempt was made and it failed because the consignee (me) was not available at the given address. This was ?????

My surprise knew no bounds, since that was a weekend and I was home all day, and nobody in fact had even knocked on the door. There had been no communication from the logistics team and no intimation that my package was out for delivery.

Regardless, as a trusting customer, even after the failed attempt, I waited. So what if it could not be delivered today, tomorrow is a new day. How very wrong I was.

Day 9 - 14 Sept 2016 😐

So after exhausting 6 (+3) days of waiting for my belt to arrive, I got a little concerned and ended up trying to contact Snapdeal. I put a one liner tweet querying about my order status.

β€œWhy oh why did you not cancel your order”, you must be thinking. I was thinking the same, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Over the tweet I gave them my order details, within few minutes I got a callback and they committed that this will get resolved in next 48 hours.

I kept hoping beyond hope that the order will get delivered and a company as big as Snapdeal will not make such horrendous blunders. My faith was about to be taken on a whole new ride.

Day 11 - 17 Sept 2016 πŸ˜‘

Nothing yet. 48 more hours exhausted. No belt, no calls, no concern, nothing. I had to tweet again. Once again, diligent as ever they called me back, this time apologizing, another 48 hours time.

Day 13 - 19 Sept 2016 πŸ˜’

My patience was waning fast. Nothing still. Agitated and patience running thin, I tweeted again, but this time the call was interesting. I was talking to a support guy who was putting all his efforts into convincing me that I keep waiting. He was even bold enough to tell me, and I quote, β€œAll these things keep happening in e-commerce business.”

He went on to tell me that his experience on Amazon had been the same and that, I quote again, β€œYou should understand and keep calm, its nothing to panic, this had happened with me when I order on Amazon as well.”

Firstly, I do not know whether he should have told me this, especially considering that he is a Snapdeal employee. The sheer irony of the situation was that this guy also does not order from Snapdeal. +1 to you Amazon.

Moreover, this guy was fantastically rude and lacked basic etiquette while speaking with a person over phone, let alone a customer. I was given another 48 hours to wait.

Day 17 - 23 Sept 2016 😀

By this time, I had lost all hope of getting anything, and was searching for other options on Amazon. I got a call from Snapdeal (without any tweet, strange πŸ€”) and this time a very soft spoken feminine voice asked me politely to cancel the order since they had lost track of it. The logistics team, which by the way had tried to deliver the very same order, has misplaced my package. I do not know whether it was relief or exasperation that I felt, but finally things had reached a closure. My package was lost, I was pissed and had no belt.

The cherry on the cake was when she asked me to reorder the same thing again and assured me that they will try there best to get it deliver in couple of days. Hah! the nerve on her. I politely requested a refund and asked her to delete my Snapdeal account.

Some people might have had good experience with Snapdeal, but still I will suggest to everyone on not buying anything from Snapdeal.

Go with Flipkart or Amazon, they are the best.