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Niraj Chauhan

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The story points

Welcome to Our Podcast: Where Tech Meets Product Mastery

Join Niraj, Roopak , and Prabhanjan(aka PK) on a journey into the heart of Agile product delivery. Our podcast, The Story Points, is a melting pot of ideas where tech enthusiasts and product experts converge to dissect the challenges and triumphs of the tech world. Delivered with a mix of expertise, humor, and genuine passion, this is your go-to space for everything technology and product development.

"Misplaced pixels are scarier than monsters under the bed!" Join us as we explore the minutiae that keep us awake at night – from the art of Agile methodologies to the finesse of fine-tuning user experiences. Our discussions are more than just talks; they're a journey into the heart of tech and product development, featuring guest insights from industry veterans and stories from the trenches of product delivery.

Latest Episodes:

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