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My WFH desk setup

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Since the pandemic began, most of us started working from home. Some people like it and some people miss their offices. But for me, the most amazing part of WFH is the desk setup. Have always seen YouTubers having this but I never got this opportunity until now.

So heres my desk setup:

My desk setup photo

All the three devices(Macs & gaming console) are connected to a KVM Switch, this helps me to switch between each device on a push of a button.


This is a 27-inch Philips 276E8V display which I got from my office and I love it. It’s only 60hz but UHD at 4K.


The one on the left is Macbook Pro 13-inch 2020 M1 chipset and the other one on right is the MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 M1 Pro.


Keychron K8, is a wireless mechanical keyboard with brown optical Gateron switches and RGB lighting.


Again provided by my office, Logitech M705 wireless.

Game console

Always wanted my gaming console next to my workstation, it’s Xbox Series S.


I am currently using two sets, one is Apple Airpods Pro (Wireless) and another one is Razer Blackshark V2 X (Wired).


Been a OnePiece fan, it’s Ace & Franky.

Table & Chair

Got it from IKEA(DE), the chair (not in the picture) is not that great but the table is good for my use case, not too big & has enough drawers and sections to store things.